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Introduction to Fengshui

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Deskripsi Introduction to Fengshui

ntroduction to Feng Shui: What it is and How it Works (English) 01 Edition Price: Rs. 342

Best selling author Mr. Ashwanie Kumar Bansal, who has the rarest distinction of being the master of both Fengshui and Vastushastra, presents a fascinating, comprehensive, and evaluative study of the basic principles of Fengshio. This book is the first of its kind because it is a thoroughly exclusive scrutiny of the various theoretical and scientifc aspects of Fengshui. The book will be highly informative, beneficial, and useful for every user, student, and practitioner of Fengshui for acquiring deep understanding of this ancient Chinese art. The language is simple and refined, and it provides ready and easy access to complex techniques of Fengshui.
Eye-catching artistic designs and illustrations have been used for making this book enchanting and easy to undestand. Thus, technical points have been explained with utmost clarity.
About Author :
Ashwanie Kumar Bansal, L.L.B, A.C.S., has the rarest distinction of being the master of both Fengshhui and Vastushastra and of writing the higherst number of books on these subjects. He is doing research on Fengshui Vastushastra, and other similar systems, which help people in leading better lives in harmony with nature, and which promote concepts based on ancient traditions of India. He has travellecd to various parts of India, and he travelled abraod too, for examining and analysing Fengshui and Vastu of various private andpublic buildings. He resolvec Fengshui and Vastu-related matters of numerous buildings without bringing structual changes in them. He has been in limelight in the media for the past few years.
Contents :
What is Fengshui?
History of Fengshui
Role of Intuition
Sheng Chi
Sha Chi
Yin and Uang
Five Elements
Baguna and Kau Number
The Eight Trigrams
Geomancer's Compass
Heavenly stems and Earthly Branches
Four Celestial Animals
Lo Shu-Magic Square
Nine Stars
Flying Stars
Tags: Introduction to Fengshui

Penulis Ashwanie Kumar Bansal
Penerbit Paperback
ISBN 8190125737
Tahun Terbit 2005
Kondisi Buku Bagus
Dimensi 15 x 23
Halaman 170
Bahasa Inggris
Sampul Tipis
Rak R4 Campuran


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